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An American Architect
An Interview with Kay Ortmans
Introduction to Acupuncture
Creating Relationships
Kuchumaa Passage
Soul & Earth Park
Pearl of the Pacific
Coming film on Edmond Szekely 2011:
Winifred Weaver
Anne Marie Bennstrom
Juliette de Bairacli Levy on E.B. Szekely
Helen & Scott Nearing on E.B. Szekely
José Guadalupe de Jesús Flores Aguilar

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"Modern man has built for himself a life so complex
that his health and nervous system is disintegrating
under its weight. The guiding principles found in the
great open book of nature and the masterpieces of
universal culture hold the solution to our problems.”
                                        -Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

     Perhaps movies, the 20th century form of entertainment became a deeper reality in 1962, when I met Professor Edmond Bordeaux Szekely who wanted to make films. In the ten years I studied with him, we spent three years preparing, and made one film called "Opus One." It was a life-changing experience that continues to this day. The images are different, the concepts are different, but the path is the same, and all leads to the same point. His story is quite compelling for this time and, in the right words, for any time, for eternity.

Coming film on Edmond Szekely 2011
First translator of the Essene Gospel of Peace in 1937